Wanted: a tax adviser.
Found: a lifetime partner.

What makes a good tax adviser? Meticulous work, professionalism, confidentiality? We have raised the bar far higher. As a long-standing partner to our clients, we know their business and goals inside out. This enables us to provide com-prehensive advice and act with foresight – on every single aspect of their business. Private individuals, business people or free-lancers: whatever walk of life you are from, we work hand in hand with you to develop ideas and solutions with measurable success.

At your side is a team of some 40 dedicated tax experts, business economists and professional in-ternational tax law advisers. We make full use of state-of-the-art electronic media and databases, are pioneers in the area of digital accounting, and have a further training concept that enables us to stay abreast of all new legislation and promising opportunities at all times. Put us to the test!


  • What does tax consultancy have to do with management consultancy?

    More than you would think: As a tax consultancy, we gain an in-depth, detailed insight into our clients’ work. Using this knowledge, we regularly conceive specific approaches and strategies for the future. Proper management consultancy goes far beyond this, however: We conduct corporate analyses, for example, lend a hand in the drafting of business plans and assist you with your succession planning.

  • Why does Arps-Aubert + Partner hold offices in Berlin and Munich?

    Because it is to the benefit of our clients. The challenges facing a tax adviser in Berlin are very different from those in Munich. Berlin has an extensive, creative scene with numerous start-ups – and a lot is going on there in fiscal terms. By contrast, Munich is noted for being home to national and international companies and thus complex demands within the tax system. We link the north with the south to enable our clients to profit from our expertise.

  • Do I really need an advisor with almost 30 employees?

    In our opinion: absolutely! Because you not only have your own personal consultant but also benefit from our experts specialising in international tax law or the medical professions, succession planning and real estate taxation. Our size enables our consultants to attend a number of different further training courses – thus ensuring that our consultancy can always tap the very latest knowledge.

  • »Measurable success« – what does that entail?

    Very simple: you can see the exact difference between the time prior to you awarding the contract and the time afterwards – often right down to the very last cent. At the same time, you always understand what we are doing and why we are doing it that way. Measurable success can also be achieved through consistent outsourcing: we can do your entire accounting, for example, along with all your invoicing or HR management, payroll accounting included. This cuts down on valuable working time.

  • What consultancy approach does von Arps-Aubert + Partner adopt?

    Every client relationship begins with an in-depth discussion. Just like a good doctor compiling a case history, we examine your particular circumstances and work with you to determine goals for the working partnership ahead. In doing so, we look beyond the classic tax consultancy services: What is possible? What is meaningful? Where can we assist you?

  • State-of-the-art electronic media, digital accounting – how would I benefit?

    More office space, for example: paperless accounting means that you no longer need to collect physical receipts or keep printouts of invoices on file. Our app provides you with an easy-to-use tool to professionally assist you with everyday tax matters: e.g. transmission of receipts or entertainment expenses accounting. For more information on our full-service solution for controlling and financial accounting, please visit www.paplo.de

  • Can von Arps-Aubert + Partner guarantee it will provide quality performance?

    Yes, and in fact we are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards. We have implemented a quality management system in order to communicate our wealth of expertise in a clear and transparent manner and to swiftly tailor our processes to our clients’ current needs. Annual audits verify that the implementation of our quality management system has been a success. By the way: as one of Germany’s first tax consultancy offices ours was to be awarded the quality seal of the German Association of Tax Advisers (DStV).

Good advice requires outstanding personalities.