Welcome entrepreneurs, freelancers, private individuals.
We are your tax adviser.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers profit from our corporate thinking. We offer comprehensive advice and develop solutions with measureable success. In addition to performing classic tax consultancy tasks and ensuring that your tax declaration duties and notice periods are met, we also handle your invoicing and financial accounting, take on your HR management – including payroll accounting – and prepare annual financial statements as well as ascertainment of profit. Valuating companies which are to be put up for sale or which are looking for new business associates is another area that we cover.

Private individuals receive all-round advice geared towards their personal goals and opportunities. We prepare tax re-turns and ensure that the necessary declarations are submitted to the tax authorities. We also conceive pension plans, compare capital investments, plan a safe means of building wealth and optimise your succession planning.

Good advice starts with exceptional expertise.

International tax law

Are you looking to invest abroad, operate a foreign company in Germany or engage in cross-border work? Whatever you have in mind: when it comes to international business, there are a lot of special tax regulations that need to be observed.

Our expert advisers have numerous years of experience dealing with national and European tax law, bilateral agree-ments and international jurisdiction. After attending extensive courses, they are examined and appointed as expert advisers for international tax law by the German Chamber of Tax Advisers (Steuerberaterkammer).

Our services

  • For investing abroad:
    • International tax planning (holdings)
    • Establishing plants abroad
    • Reduction of withholding tax and excess foreign tax credits
    • Profit splitting where locations exist on the domestic and foreign markets
    • Relocation of place of residence
  • For cross-border investments in Germany:
    • Establishment of a joint stock company in Germany
    • Equity holding in a German partnership
    • Registration of tax deduction amounts for foreign artists
    • Double taxation agreements
    • Compliance with all domestic tax declaration obligations for people with limited tax liability
    • Sales tax on cross-border deliveries of goods and services
  • For employees / expatriates
    • Special taxation of income for employees seconded abroad as expats
    • Double taxation agreements, Auslandstätigkeitserlass
    • Emoluments for managing directors
    • Severance pay and pension plans
    • Assessment of effective costs of secondment abroad
    • Assistance with filing German tax declarations for pensioners living abroad

Medical professions

For many years, we have advised numerous doctors and dentists on all aspects of taxation and business management. But pharmacists, home health care agencies and dental laboratories also benefit from our expertise. We assist you with specific solutions and business management services.

These include such tasks as invoicing optimisation, individual comparisons and overviews of practices, evaluations of practices as well as devising mergers. Needless to say, we also meet all your declaration and notification obligations relating to your tax affairs.

  • Run your practice successfully using our analysis

    Together with our partners, we develop analyses and reports based on datasets used for billing for services under the statutory health and dental plans. This evaluation, along with a comparison of previous-year figures and with other doctors’ practices, forms a comprehensive data base for successfully running a practice. Our analysis reports not only deliver financial aspects but also vital information on how to organize the running of your practice.

  • A secure future through new structures

    Healthcare is known to be a sector strongly impacted by constantly changing legislation. The opportunities and risks that this presents are what shape our advisory services. For example, we provide our clients with legally compliant advice on setting up or merging practices, succession planning as well as on implementing medical centres. We assist single and group practices with practice evaluation and pricing matters.

  • Automated bookkeeping

    Let’s focus on what matters most: your practice. We take care of your bookkeeping – using automated, cost-efficient procedures. Our work processes are paperless – and therefore very swift and independent. Use our wealth of experience to optimise your accounting.

Real estate taxation

Sustainably preserving the potential value of real estate is the focus of the consultancy services that we provide to real estate companies and private investors.

Our services range from economic appraisals to real estate valuations and advice on financing possibilities. We advise you on the most tax-beneficial means of implementing your building project. In doing so, we devote particular attention to land transfer tax, property tax and sales tax.

Management consultancy

As tax advisers, we are directly privy to your company’s development. We are familiar with the most current figures and aware of your possibilities. Together with you, we look past the daily matters and develop visions and goals for your company.

We help start-ups to compile their business plans, assist existing businesses with effective controlling, and support you in the run-up to a business handover transfer. How else you benefit: receiving tax advice and management consultancy from one single source equates to considerable cost advantages in comparison to contracting external management consultants.

Our services include:

  • Optimization of corporate workflows by implementing effective corporate software (ERP and CRM systems)
  • Controlling reports, with regular meetings
  • Corporate analyses
  • Investment planning, financial advice and bank negotiations
  • Company and practice valuations
  • Corporate planning budgeting, including liquidity forecasts
  • Monitoring using target/actual comparisons and forecast considerations
  • Business sector and company comparisons
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Research into funding possibilities; funding applications